Sale! CLEARANCE – Infantino Mei Tai – Khaki
CLEARANCE – Infantino Mei Tai – Khaki
  • Carrier supports baby in natural seated position
  • Panel width: 14 inches
  • Suitable for baby from 4 months to 2 years old.
  • Support weight until 15kg.
  • Includes detachable hood to protect baby.
  • Mei Tai design allows maximum comfort and flexibility
  • Lumbar support helps relieve shoulder pressure
  • Extra wide padded straps.
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Sale! CLEARANCE – GabaG Rayana
CLEARANCE – GabaG Rayana
Free 2 ice packs Tiada waranti untuk bag di bawah kategori clearance Ada kesan calar pada bahagian thermal Outer material: Polyester canvas Inner material: High quality insulation (double wall insulation, guaranteed to keep your content cold up to 16 hours) Free 2 ice packs
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